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Name Position Phone Mobile Fax Suburb State Country
Valerie wants to meet you in 1 hours 3p
Teresa and Chantal are looking for meet 3r
Stella and Holly are waiting for you e3
Annette and Christy are waiting for you 7i
Samantha wants to date you in 4 hours ip
Valerie and Alexandra are looking for date c6
Abagael and Kellsie za
Abigail plus Loren i0
Abigael with Marigold 37
Abbie plus Ofelia 0g
Laurie wants to meet you in 9 hours d6
Paula and Norma are waiting for you 5b
Wendy and Sharon are waiting for you t6
Juliet wants to date you in 14 hours lp
Sandy and Karen are waiting for you ov
Jill and Pamela are looking for date ek
Pat wants to chat you in 4 hours u2
Margaret and Emma are waiting for you 3u
Chantal and Sophie are looking for meet as
Sheila and Tanya are looking for meet o1